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STC-SA & SAMSA STCW certificate wording

We have had a few questions about this and put the question to STC-SA

This is what we received:

"Please be advised that all SAMSA accredited training institutions are regulated by the maritime authority and clearly have to follow the standards and regulations promulgated. The certification of courses and their formats are regulated within the maritime quality standard systems.

Find a copy attached of the approved document which forms part of the Quality Management System promulgating the Format and Wording of Certificates

For Seafarer Training, Assessment and Certification. Your attention is drawn to page 4 of the attached document highlighting the paragraph Format, Wording and Content of Certificates, reference paragraph 9.

The following tittles shall not be used as headers of certificates.

9.1. Certificate of Competency, or

9.2. Certificate of Proficiency

The above tittles are reserved for use by SAMSA (as the administration) and may not be used as tittles of certificates issued by institutions. Issuing of certificates so titled from an institution may mislead employers and administrations alike about the value of the certificates.

Further to this, paragraph 10 is to be noted:

10. Effective on 01 September 2016, SAMSA accredited institutions should tittle their certificates as follows;

10.1. “Certificate of Completion” – for candidates who have successfully completed the course/training and associated assessments.

A format is provided as GOP-503.2a - SAMSA Accredited institution certificate.

The process is to submit all your completed

certificates to the Administration for an issuing of a Certificate of Proficiency from SAMSA.

You may forward your enquiries to:

SAMSA Team Cape Town

No 2 Long Street, 19th Floor, Cape Town

Tel: 021-4216170

Should anyone have issue with the wording on your Certificates, please contact SAMSA directly. We have been told that the certificates can be "verified" by SAMSA and will be stamped accordingly so don't fret, your certificates are valid.

SAMSA certificate wording

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