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SAMSA VHF Radio Course

Cape Town

We are located in Cape Town, South Africa, and welcome students from around the globe.

Course contents:

  • General knowledge of radio communications

  • General principals & basic features

  • Procedures & practical operation of sub-systems

  • DSC distress, urgency & safety communication procedures

  • Protection of distress frequencies

  • Operational Procedures & regulations for VHF R/T

  • Exchanging communication pertaining to safety of life at sea

  • Test on VHF radio Theory written test covering all Aspects of VHF operation

  • General Knowledge of radio communications in Maritime mobile service

  • System overview of the GMDSS structure, EPIRB, NAVTEX, SART Search & Rescue

  • Maritime Safety Information (MSI)

  • Practical knowledge of radio equipment

  • VHF radio installation (only handheld VHF radio)

  • Power sources (Antennae and interfacing)

  • Procedures and practical operation of sub-systems

  • Alerting communications and locating signals

  • Regulations for VHF Communications

  • Regulations, obligatory procedures and practices

YOA Superyacht Training was founded in 2014 and is run by Don McKee, who spent 15 years working on board some of the finest motor and sailing yachts in the business.

Don facilitates our 4 day deckhand course and is the co-owner and director of YOA ltd., an MLC2006 compliant crew agency with locations in Cape Town and New Zealand, that supplies crew to yachts worldwide.

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