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Don't take our word for it, here's what our students say:

"Starting out could be one of the most unsure times in your life. Thus having someone you can trust is imperative. Like I always say, the best investment you will ever make is investing in your knowledge. I couldn’t be happier where my journey started out. It started with Don Mckee and my Deck course. I didn’t know where to look or what first steps to take, my path crossed with Don and it all fell in place. Don doesn’t just do a deck course - he gives you calm advice that still stands with me after 4 years. He’s understanding about the industry is incredible. If you are looking for the best Deck course out there look no further. You will learn everything you need to know coupled with a mentor for life. This is what our industry needs!

Forever greatful to you, walking the road with me since the start Don."

Edward Best - 2nd Officer - M/Y Blue Moon 60m

“YOA superyacht deckhand crew training not only gave me the knowledge needed to grasp the basic fundamentals of what to expect when joining a vessel, but also how to carry out and perform the tasks deck crew are expected to perform. I instantly had an edge over others that hadn’t received such training. The extra value adds such as advice on getting jobs, networking and where to start is a game changer. Their professional and experienced advice is a big leg up for anyone looking to join the industry.”

Don Blignaut - Lead Deckhand M/Y Bold 83m

"I am very happy that I decided to do the deckhand course with Don, not only did it provide me with everything I needed as a newbie to the yachting industry from a deckahands perspective,but alot more  information was passed on to me from someone who has years of experience  in the industry! I'd recommend  the course to anyone wanting to start  off with a solid base and their feet pointing in the right direction. Don's the man! Cheers mate!"

Barry Naude - Deck/Engineer M/Y Chesella 38m

"I would highly recommend this deckhand course! It is informative, practical and covers the essentials of being a deckhand. You also learn about the industry from Don who has personally been in the industry for several years.

I did this course and still use the tricks, skills and knowledge I gained through the course!"

Scott Demblon - Deckhand M/Y Symphony 101m

"My experience with YOA has been off the top shelf. From my training to my requests and my preparation has been unbelievable. They take care of their own people and take pride in their their service. Its a special organization to be apart of and I would recommend them to anyone out there.
A big thank you to Don for the Extra effort, they definitely get a 10/10 from me."

George Putter

As someone who is new to the industry, there are so many questions and concerns. The deckhand course made me so much more at ease and motivated. Don put almost all my worries to rest within the first few hours. The course addresses the logistical hurdles of getting started and gives you practical insight into exactly what you should expect. Super informative. Very helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone and everyone getting started. 


Pierre-Louis Bredenkamp

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