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Want a job on a Superyacht? Read this.

Getting to this point in 2020 has been difficult enough, here’s how you can increase your chances of landing that job in 2021.

Visa and travel restrictions aside, there is more competition than usual because many experienced crew from deckhands to captains have been let go, so it's even more important than ever to make a good impression and stand out from the crowd.

Disclaimer - As you may know, I also run YOA yacht crew and am interviewing crew daily. Here are some things 'us agents' wish everyone knew/kept in mind when applying for jobs.

In no particular order:

* Sending copy and paste intro emails don’t work. Agents realise that you are applying for multiple jobs but take the time to start your email off by addressing the person you are emailing. If you don’t know their name just say good morning but “to whom it may concern” doesn’t cut it. You don’t need to write a paragraph, your CV should do a good job of explaining who you are and your background.

* Tell the agent which job you are applying for and why you are emailing them.

* Wherever possible you should apply via your profile on the respective crew agencies website. All your data is already stored on your profile, so this saves you and the agent time.

* Read the job advert carefully and only apply if you are genuinely interested. I have had more than one interview where the candidate said they were just applying to see “what was out there” but had no real interest in the job. Side-note, we get upwards of 100 applications for most jobs, so please only apply if you are really qualified/interested.

* Highlight the things about you that make you well suited for the specific job you’re applying for. There is a reason the employer is requesting a specific skill and if you’ve got the X-factor, you’re 3/4 of the way there.

* We know there’s way more to you than just your CV which is why we encourage you to upload multiple pictures and even video intro’s / show-reels of yourself on YOA. Do what you can to bring your personality and skills across to the people you’re likely to live with!

* That FB, Insta, Ticktock post or WhatsApp profile picture can help AND harm you! Everyone checks your socials so please bear that in mind.

* Spelling and grammar - theres no excuse for poor spelling (see what I did there? ;) Use the spell check! And save your CV as a PDF - it looks much more professional and can’t be edited by others.

* Don’t apply for jobs with an out dated CV. I know it’s a pain, but keep your CV current. There’s nothing worse than having to wait for a crewmember to figure out if the CV we’re looking at is their ‘new’ one.

* Don’t say: “references available on request”. List them and or even better, upload written references to your profile. Many agents aren’t as diligent as we are, but the vast majority of my time is spent tracking down ex captains etc. to get references for crew so help the people that are tying to help you by making it as easy as possible to read/hear how awesome you are.

* You MUST look like the picture on your CV! I realise we all have ‘that’ photo of ourselves that we like but if it’s 5 years old it’s not going to do you any favours. (Yes, that photo of me on the website needs updating, I’m human too.;)

There’s way more where that came from but I hope this helps. Stay safe, Stay healthy and keep hustling!

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