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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

2020 has been tough on everyone, Covid19 has changed the landscape for many of us but fortunately there is still a demand for deckhands, stewardesses, chefs and engineers on superyachts.

The challenge for all of us is how to get noticed and how to make a good impression on employers. Of course using social media is tempting, but as we know, it can be very misleading. So what is the solution?

1. Build your network and establish solid relationships with people in the yachting industry. This is has and will always be the most effective way to get your CV on a captain's desk. The reason is simple. We trust our crew, so if we're looking for a new crew member, we normally ask our current crew if they know anyone that would be a good fit for our boat. Vouching for someone can be a win/win or a lose/lose because both reputations are at stake. If the person vouching for you is respected and trusted by the higher ups, their word is often good enough to secure you a job or at the very least some day-work.

Top Tip: ALWAYS treat daywork like a job interview (because most often it is). You may have no idea that there is a position available (and the crew won't tell you this), but if you prove yourself to be a hard worker and fit in well with the crew, there is a very good chance that this daywork can become a permanent position.

One or two things to keep in mind:

- Make a good first impression, be well presented, look the part

- If you're not early, you're late

- Don't arrive for work hungover and or smelling of alcohol - this should go without saying

- Work hard with a smile on your face and keep your phone in your pocket

- If you're not sure, ask

- Mind your manners..A please and thank you goes a very long way, this includes table manners when you join the crew for lunch/dinner/after work drinks.

2. Highlight your skills and how they could benefit the yacht. Here are a some of the most sought-after additional skills and qualifications captains are looking for. (Over and above STCW-10, PB2, VHF, Deckhand, Stewardess courses etc.)

- Deck crew: Personal trainers, Sailing instructors (many yachts will have a small sailing boat or two so having crew that can teach guests to sail will be a big advantage), PWC (Jet Ski) instructors, Kiteboarding instructors, Filming and video editing skills, Fishing specialists, Diving and or instructor qualifications.

- Interior crew: Yoga instructors, Beauticians, Masseuses, Nutritionists, Nurses, Beauticians - Hair and nail technicians, Wine knowledge, Barista and cocktail skills

Your hobby may be the very thing that lands you the job, so make sure you highlight your skills! At YOA we encourage you to promote yourself as your own agent which is

why we have the option for you to upload video content of you being yourself and showcasing your skills and personality.

Sound overwhelming? Not to worry, we can help you with all of your superyacht courses in Cape Town and help you get many of the above mentioned special qualifications and skills.

Let's get you on a superyacht in 2021. Contact

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